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Wicked-Elegance Only on the Stage

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Are you interested in wickedly talented voices and eye-catching costumes? Wicked, the Broadway production is playing at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre until June 29th.

Besides the incredible voices, superb theatrical acting, and mesmerizing story, Wicked is full of spectacular costumes. As a fashion student I became enthralled with the fabrics of such incredible colours and textures. “Over the top” gowns that sparkled all the way to the balcony had everyone’s jaws on the floor.

Susan Hilferty, the costume designer for Wicked designed all 200 of the incredible costumes herself. If that isn’t enough, she individually tailors all of the costumes to fit each particular actor- talk about outstanding! Hilferty won the 2004 Tony Award for Best Costumes, which she based off the Edwardian-era of 1900-1920. Calling the garments “twisted Edwardian” not only because of the asymmetry, but for the physical twists in them.

While the actors on the stage are dressed in exceptional costumes, the audience is much the opposite. Many years ago the theatre was a place of elegance and luxury, and people dressed in their finest fashions. Today the attire has slipped; I was astonished to see people flooding the halls of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in ripped jeans and old rugged T-shirts. I find it sad to see this drastic dressing down. I completely understand that in modern society dressing up does not mean suits for the men and dresses for the ladies. We live in a time where people express strong individuality and show their personality through the clothing that they wear. However when attending events such as a musical at the theatre, one should look as though they put time into their outfit and that they respect the elegance of the theatre.

Heather Mathieson, JCI Fashion Student

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