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Will you Live or Die, that is the question?


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The end of the world is supposed to take place on Dec 21, 2012. That’s it, kaboom, GONE.

In preparation for this major (hypothetical) event I have been thinking about what I want to do before I die. Now, after much procrastination (there’s only 4 days left), I’ve discovered what truly is essential for me. I have come up with 4 things I could accomplish in the time left.

1) My hair is already damaged so I would start by dying my hair a different colour each day, lightest to darkest. This is a day-to-day goal, I haven’t seen myself as redhead or noir and that is unacceptable.

2) I will go to a nude beach, I know the weather isn’t ideal but I will have to sacrifice and with no doubt about it, get in the water. ..BRRRR

3) See the sights in a hot air balloon; get dropped off at the Aquarium and dive right into the tanks. I will aim to swim with the dolphins and orcas and maybe those cute otters. –Big day double whammy

4) What special day I will make this, the last day, I will allow my man friend, friends and family to dictate what we will be doing on this day. I’m open for ideas… I will also eat anything and everything I have ever wanted while awaiting the last moments DUN DUN DUNNN. (oh and I would also be with my dog, who on this occasion will be allowed on the couch)

I know I will be happy with this plan but really the most important part is spending time with the people I love, not what I do. You better get thinking you don’t have much time, the count down is on!

Krista Makowecky, JCI Fashion Student

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